How to Contact Human Solutions

Main Number for Services: 503.548.0200

Portland Office
12350 SE Powell Blvd., Portland, OR 97236
Phone: 503.548.0200
At this office: Anti-Poverty Classes, Energy Assistance, Employment Programs, Family Advocacy, Administrative Offices.

Rockwood Office
124 NE 181st, Gresham, OR 97230
Phone: 503.405.7875
At this office: Employment Programs

For more information about:

Media Contacts and Press Materials
Contact Jean DeMaster, Executive Director at or call 503.548.0258
Contact Scott Langen, Development Director at or call 503.548.0252

Daybreak Shelter for Homeless Families
If you would like to stay at the shelter, call 503.256.2280

Winter Shelter for Homeless Families
Open 7 PM to 7 AM from November 1 through March 31, call 503.256.2280

Volunteering or donating to the Daybreak or Winter Shelter
Contact Charles Hodge at chodge@humansolutions.orgor call 503-544-3935.

In need of Housing

In need of Rental Assistance

Energy Assistance for people in need
Contact or call 503.405.7877

Making a Tax Deductible Charitable Contribution
Contact Scott Langen, Development Director at or call 503.548.0252

Where to donate used clothing/household items
For new clothing and household item donations contact or call 503-548-0253.

*We unfortunately no longer accept donations of furniture. Please visit if you have furniture to donate, or call Portland Adventist Community Store at 503.252.8500 X 111 to donate clothing.

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Contact or call 503-548-0253.